24/7 Advanced Life Support Care in Broome County, NY

Director of Operations: Contact for Hospital transfers, operating issues, application inquires, special event coverage and complaints.

Anthony Kilgallon – 607-772-6565 ext. 2          director@broomeambulance.com

Public Relations: Volunteer special event coverage and community events

Sony Jean-Philippe- 607-772-6565 ext. 3  bvespr72@gmail.com

Membership: Trainees, students, observers and volunteer inquiries

Sony Jean-Philippe– 607-772-6565 ext. 3 bvespr72@gmail.com

Office Manager: Northern Town (Lisle, Nanticoke, Barker and Triangle) billing issues, accounts payable, accounts receivable, contracting, tax-exempt certs.


Carla Simpson- 607-372-3952 cbsimps10@gmail.com