In June 1975, the Broome County Sheriff’s Department turned its ambulance service over to a semi-autonomous group of volunteers, which became the Broome County Sheriff Volunteer Emergency Squad. This squad was registered to supply ambulance service to all of Broome County, New York. Primary ambulance service was provided to those areas of the county lacking their own volunteer squads and back-up service for the Binghamton Police Ambulance was also provided.

In 1976 the county legislature withdrew its funding as it viewed the squad as serving only a portion of the taxpayers. So, in 1976 with the changes made by the Broome County Sheriff’s Department and county legislature, the ambulance service was disbanded. In order to continue the services provided, a group of volunteers established the Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. and chartered it as a Not-For-Profit Corporation in 1976. In the mid-1980’s Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad upgraded from a Basic Life Support (BLS) care to Advanced Life Support (ALS) care. Providing ALS care twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Since that time, the service of care has expanded resulting in many more ALS and BLS personnel.

Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. currently has Certificate of Need (CON) permits for the following areas. Towns of Binghamton, Conklin, Dickinson, Kirkwood, Lisle, Triangle, Barker, Windsor fire protection district, Village of Whitney Point and portions of Nanticoke, Richford, and Chenango. In addition to the primary operating territories, Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. provides ALS first response to the City of Binghamton, Towns of Chenango, Colesville, Deposit, Fenton, Lisle, Nanticoke, Sanford, Triangle and Windsor. The Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. has two operating facilities. Our central office located at 261 Court Street Binghamton, NY which is home to our main business office, garage and crew quarters, and our Northern Broome County facility located at 9090 Main Street Lisle, NY that we share with the Lisle Volunteer Fire Department which provides services to the northern Broome County towns of Barker, Lisle, Triangle and Nanticoke.

In 2020 Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. was dispatched to 3,951 emergency 911 calls. The purpose of the Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. is to render first aid services in conjunction with promoting safety in all its branches; to assist in the transportation of the ill, injured, and infirmed and to give all aid possible at the time of a disaster.